Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything you don’t understand after reading through the Frequently Asked Questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I get an online quote?

Please use our online garment creator or in as much detail please email your requirements to Include artwork, size and quantities. As a result the more detailed your specifications the more accurately we can quote.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. 1. Seriously. For garments printed on our DTG printer the minimum order is 1.
The minimum order for screen printed however is 10 garments.

How should I place my order?

Online. You can use our online garment creator or drop us an email.  Our job approval process is done via email and requires you to sign off a job sheet.

Can I make a query once my order has been placed?

We are always only an email or phone call away.
Any changes that are made to a job that has been approved and gone into production are extremely limited.

How can I get a bespoke quote?

Yes of course in as much detail please email your requirements  to
Include artwork, size, colour and quantities.
As a result the more detailed your specifications the more accurately we can quote.

Do you have extra charges for express service?

Yes, for a faster turnaround extra charges will be applied to your order.
If this is something you require please email us for a quote.
We will let you know if you can meet your requirements and how much it will cost.

How much are your delivery costs?

For smaller items we use Royal Mail and larger items go through a courier. 
We find TNT have been the most efficient over the years of running the business.
We charge you what we are charged but additional charges will apply for weekend delivery.

Can I collect in person?

Yes we offer collection service from our studio between the hours of 9am-5pm. If you require collection out of hours please contact us.

Which courier do you use?

We normally use TNT as our main courier who aim to have your items with you next working day. We will issue you a tracking number too.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes this can be arranged please let us know beforehand so we can provide you with a quote.

What happen if I am out when the courier tries to deliver?

You will have to arrange with the courier to re-deliver the item.

What’s you standard turnaround time?

We aim to complete jobs within a week of the job being signed off by the customer.

Are you able to print onto sleeves?

Yes we can, as with printing on the front or back of a garment there are limitations though.
Please let us know what you require and we’ll be happy to advise.

Can you print anywhere on the garment?

We aim to print wherever you would like artwork to be placed on the garment.
There are limitations but get in contact with your request.

What’s the smallest sized text you can print?

We can print as small as 6pt text before text becomes illegible.

How close is it possible to print to the edge of the garment?

We can typically print to within 30mm of the garment depending on the artwork and the garment.

What is the maximum printable area?

DTG Maximum printable are is 406mm x 508mm

Can you match Pantone references?

We try to colour correct artwork that is DTG printed but there can be a slight change of tone.

Do you offer artwork services?

Yes we do. Simple file format conversions we can offer for free.
More complex conversions that involve file alterations will incur a fee of £20.
Unfortunately we do not offer a full, start to finish design service.

Can I have a mix of garments, sizes and colours?

Yes, if we’re made aware from the start this shouldn’t incur an additional cost either.

Do you offer t-shirts without tags?

Some manufacturers offer T shirts with removable tags but bear in mind that this would remove size information too. We can recommended garments with a non branded size tag though.

Do you offer additional sewing services?

Not directly, however we can recommend people who can provide that service.

Are the inks you use eco friendly?

Our Epson DTG printer uses eco friendly UltraChrome DG ink and has been awarded ECO PASSPORT certification from OEKO-TEX®

What garments are not ideal for DTG printing?

Garments that are lower than 50% cotton are considered not ideal for DTG printing and won’t print well.

Can you DTG on to coloured garments?

Yes. Coloured garments require a pre treatment process in order to accept a layer of specialist white ink.

Can you make labels?

Yes we are able to supply and print labels be sure to let us know what you require.

Are there any setup costs for DTG printing?

No there are no setup costs.

Can you advise on ways of reducing costs?

Here are some ways of potentially reducing cost:
– Consider a less expensive garment option.
– Print onto white garments to remove the need for base layers.
– Consider simplifying your artwork in a bid to reduce colour layers.
– Reduce number of print locations. If your artwork appears more than once on the garment consider just having it on the front or the back.
– Consider removing add-ons, like re-labelling and colour changes.
– Increasing your print quantity will potentially reduce your cost per unit. Quantity brackets that reduce your per unit print costs. There are 20 ,50, 100, 250, 500, 1000.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is something we do not cover in these frequently asked questions please drop us an email of call.