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As part of the launch of our new website we thought it would really help to outline the DTG printing process with a DTGMCR video. We also really wanted a chance to showcase our brand new state of the art Epson SC F2100 printer, which we think is pretty impressive. From the level of detail it produces through to it’s colour reproduction it really does produce fantastic results. We have tried to do justice in the DTGMCR video. We’ve featured examples of artwork from clients that we’ve printed for in the past. We feel these artworks really demonstrate the level of graphic detail this DTG printer can accomplish. The multicoloured designs of the artwork featured would typically have been separated over multiple silk mesh screens. They would then be screen printed. With this technology the artwork can be printed straight to the garment without the same level of setup.

The Printer

Much like desktop printers found in the home the DTG printer uses inkjets to spray patented Ultrachrome DTG ink directly onto the garment. The specialist ink has been developed to work best on garments that are at least 50% natural fibres. The inks have been awarded the Eco Passport certification from independent testers Oeko-Tex making them safe and sustainable. Another unique feature about the printer is that it uses a white ink that is used as an under base on dark garments to ensure the colour and detail is as brilliant as it is on lighter garments.

Artwork And Printing

This DTG printer can output a printed garment in a matter of minutes with little or no setup. This makes it the perfect solution for creating samples, limited runs. Even for those customers running a brand looking for low volume printing on an ad hoc basis. The DTG printer features interchangeable garment platens that allow it to adapt to your garment requirements. This includes t-shirts, hooded jumpers to tote bags it’s got you covered. The printer will accept artwork in both pixel and vector form. Once you have submitted artwork it’s as easy as exporting it to the dedicated DTG printing software. Once printed the garment needs to be cured using a heat press to remove moisture. The garment is then colourfast and washable. It’s then ready to be shipped by our team.


We’d like to thank our all our existing customers and in particular, those featured in our DTGMCR video, The Mouse Outfit, New Analog & Moze

Music produced especially for this video by Shay Maguire Email: [email protected]

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